Project Profile

Spring Sprout Project

--Better nutrition for rural boarding students in poverty-stricken areas

Partner: China National Committee for the Care of Children (CNCCC)
Keyword: left-behind children, rural boarding schools, Spring Sprout kitchens

Researches show that children’s malnutrition rate is below 1% in big cities, while above 30% in poor rural areas. Nearly 12% of school age children in poor rural areas suffer from growth retardation, and 9% have low body weight. Their height and weight are at least two years behind their urban peers.


Spring Sprout Project aims to establish Spring Sprout Kitchens and train kitchen administrations for boarding schools in mid and western China with high concentrations of left-behind children, so that students there can have balanced and nutritional meals.


ACF plans to invest RMB 50 million in three years to set up 1,000 Spring Sprout Kitchens in primary schools in the poor areas of 10 mid and western provinces, which is expected to benefit 500,000 children.