ACF Projects

Power of 5

According to the UNICEF statistics, there are about 200 million children under five years old in the world who have growth retardation problems due to malnutrition and one-third of under-five children’s deaths are linked to malnutrition.

Spring Sprout Project

To the children living in the numerous impoverished regions, if their school doesn’t have a decent kitchen, it means that, long-term, their only option is to carry rice and soybeans from home to the school and hastily heat them on crude stoves …

China Volunteers Fund

Established on February 27, 2012, China Volunteer Fund is jointly managed and operated by the China Volunteers Association and the Amway Charity Foundation ...

China Philanthropy Talents Development Program

It aims to discover and train philanthropy leaders, provide industry training, foster individual and institutional development, and establish a charity talents training system.